How To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP – Beginner’s Guide

25 July, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 2781 Views
How To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP
Hello, everyone in this article I will share a basic guide on How To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP, because we have already learned about How to Insert Data in MySQL Using PHP, so to insert data using Ajax in PHP we have to create a database,  HTML form, and PHP script to perform these operations.
So if you are aware with how to insert data in PHP and want to know How To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP then follow these steps and save form data into database using Ajax through a PHP script.

Follow These Steps To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP

Step 1: First create a table into PHPMyAdmin database.

Step 2: Now create an HTML form, we have taken 4 fields to To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP, but you can add more field according to your project.

Note: We used Ajax code on HTML body, you can create js files and include in HTML for better performance.

Step 3: Now Create a PHP script to perform To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP, so we have created action.php files to insert data using ajax and PHP.

Step 4: you are almost done and get ready to run a script and Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP.

Run Program: Now just enter URLs  in browser, HTTP: localhost/ajax/

Download Source Code

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nice one, but am looking for pdo method, do you have any article to upload data from dropdownlist. Thanks in advance

Alessandro Giaquinto

Thank you for this, but, how can i see if there is an error with insert and display in an alert?

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