How to Insert Data in Database in PHP: Form to MySQL

12 April, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 490 Views
How to Insert Data in Database in PHP

If you are PHP beginner and started learning PHP & MySQL and want to know How to Insert Data in Database in PHP, we are going use PHP and MySQL to perform insert data from HTML form to MySql Database through a PHP script. to insert data into PHP we use to INSERT into a statement to execute the set of the statement and will submit data from form to MySQL database table.

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How to Insert Data in Database in PHP?

These are following list procedure that will help to Insert Data in Database in PHP.

  • First, create a database into PHPMyAdmin
  • we have created a database (PHP), and table student with 5 fields, you can create according to your choice
  • Now we have to use HTML form for a user interface to insert data from HTML form to MySQL database
  • server-side PHP technology we are using to perform these action

Step by step Guide to How to Insert Data in Database in PHP

Step 1: create a table to insert data into MySql database, you can use the following syntax

Step 2: Now take an HTML form to let allow user enter their information.

Step 3: We are using PHP action page to post data from client side to server side.

Step 4: after using these run your PHP script, I am using localhost to explain insert data into the database through HTML form.

Step 5: verify once all operation is done.

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I have written a custom form similar to the example shown. The insert code is in a php file.On a CPanel server, where do I place the php file which contains code to insert data?


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