How To Increase Your Facebook Followers Via Twitter?

How To Increase Your Facebook Followers Via Twitter?

By: SolutionsHint    40 views Updated: 10th Jan, 2018

Facebook, is one of the most popular social media networking sites worldwide, and you can use as great source for advertising your business and also for blog content promotion, it helps to drive a huge amount of traffic on your website/blog through Facebook and Twitter and much more social media site.

for now, everyone knows the whole world is on social media site, so I always suggest to everyone to follow twitter and Facebook to target the audience for your blog. Because nowadays 45% traffic is coming from Google search engine result page and 25% traffic are engage through social media and reaming are email market and alert and many more.

Once your post gets viral you will get a huge amount of traffic to the blog. One of the great sources of traffic is Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and trending is Quora.

so when people click on your Facebook like the page, and whatever you share on your Facebook business page its show it gets visible on fans Facebook timeline.

When we talk about Twitter, Twitter is a great tool for the internet marketer, web blogger, and webmaster, so twitter are also a great tool to increase your business promotion and many more.

These are the tools that will really help all twitter followers to send a direct message on click.

I use socialmoopm to send a direct message to all Twitter followers and also help to make twitter follower become a friend on Facebook.

How to send a Direct message to Twitter followers using socialoomph?

  1. Sign in to a social account, if not created yet create an account as soon as possible.
  2. After successful login, click on Posting > Create new Update.
  3.   you can also set the schedule to send the message.
  4. You can also manage existing Update from Posting > Manage Existing Update.

Send Direct Message


Hope This help and if anything else drop me a comment.

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