How to increase traffic of blog and website using Free Techniques

How to increase traffic of blog and website using Free Techniques

By: SolutionsHint    39 views Updated: 23rd Oct, 2018

In this tutorial, I will explain how to increase traffic to our website and blog easily using these step. Because everyone is running the blog nowadays and they are not aware of this useful strategy that will help definitely to boost up traffic quickly and you will start getting more traffic than before.

Below is some tips step by step!

1. Write Unique Content

Content play a very important role to rank your webpage or website in the google, because google team always check copy content. Most of the people start blogging and after specific time they get Lazy and start copping content and use in their website, and think why our website and page are in rank, so if you are a blogger and writing the content for your users.

so please try to write a unique and good article, it does not matter how many articles you are writing, important is that write only one article but it should be unique content.

2. Get Connected With Social Networking sites

Nowadays its very popular that if you are running blog and website for users then, by using social popular networking site you can easily boost your traffic for your blog like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Google+

Create the blog and website page on all these and post your content on these regularly, and try to be connected with more friend and as much you can post the article. Its really help the boost the traffic of your website.

3. Create More Backlink

A backlink is nothing just it’s your article link is known as a backlink, try to create more backlink in startup blog because it’s really important to drive the users on your site.

To do create backlink just copy your article link and go to your social networking site find where are related Page just put in the comment box and it will really help the boost up traffic.

4. Social Bookmarking

If you are newer than you will think what is social bookmarking, why we use the social bookmarking site for our website to boost our traffic of the website.

A lot of social bookmarking site is

  1. Pinterest
  2. Digg
  3. stumbleupon
  4. Dribbble

all are free social bookmarking and they will boost up traffic for your website easy in free, to do just register and login in these and after that submit your article link regularly and this will help to increase the traffic. Because you are generating more and more backlink for your website and your website are getting more popular these days for free.

5. Group Of Related Page

Just find the related page group to your blog in social networking site and join their groups, because a lot of people will already be connected with these group and just after that post your content in these groups also, this will help to increase the traffic for your website.

6. Blog Commenting

A blog comment is nothing just find popular blog or website that are related to your website just go these and submit your article daily because it may be beneficial to the user and you will boost your traffic for your blog.

7. Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is really easy and popular because a lot of people are agency are aware of email marketing and everyone is using email marking services

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing means just send a newsletter to users to invite on your blog of the website, this will help to boost your website traffic.

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