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How To Give Menu Edit Access Role To Editor in WordPress

How To Give Menu Edit Access Role To Editor in WordPress

By: SolutionsHint    84 views Updated: 29th Jun, 2018
How to Give Menu Access to Editors

In WordPress menu, edit access allows only for admin and super admin role, so whenever we need to assign capability for another role, we need to modify the WordPress theme functions file, then another role we able to access. There is a lot of plugins available in a market like user role editor.

How To Give Menu Edit Access Role To Editor?

These are the role of WordPress

  1. Admin
  2. Author
  3. Editor
  4. Moderator
  5. subscriber

By default when user trying to register into WordPress applications, WordPress allows them as Subscriber users, and menu and plugin and theming edit and add capability is not available for the author, editor, subscriber. But whenever we want to provide the access for this role, we need to modify our themes function, then other roles will be able to access the dashboard functionality as per user role.

Follow these Steps to provide menu edit access to editor role in WordPress

  1. Just go to your active themes
  2. Find themes functions.php
  3. You can go wp-content/themes/yourtheme/functions.php
  4. add bellow line to allow the editor to access menu edit

Anything else let me notify in the comment.

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