How To Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress Post

How To Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress Post

By: SolutionsHint    43 views Updated: 03rd Dec, 2017

Now a days lot of people are sharing there information and and articles using Video content because in last few years , because users for smart phone are increasing day by day and every one are using internet to share and get the information from YouTube .

However , embedding video from YouTube in our blog and post easier than We think . because blogger are not aware with this and trying to find plugin to use YouTube video in post or articles .

Why Need Embed YouTube Videos In articles ?

1 ) Gives audience to better understating than reading whole articles .

2 ) Easy to learn than reading whole articles .

3 ) Make article much more clear and more optimized for SEO purpose .

There are much more advantages to use YouTube video and Multimedia video in the articles “.

How to Embed YouTube Video in Post WordPress  ?

1 ) Open YouTube from .

2 ) Find the video which you want to embed in your post .

3 ) Click on Share button

4 ) Click on Embed Button then click on copy iframe  Code .

5 ) After that click on Post and the New Post put iframe in editor area where you want to show video in the articles .

Step By Step Screenshot

 Screenshot 1 )

Screenshot 2 )

Screenshot 3 )

Screenshot 4 )

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