Apply These 8 Secret To Know How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Apply These 8 Secret To Know How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

By: SolutionsHint    184 views Updated: 07th Jan, 2019
How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: Organic traffic is the best sign of  established blog and business growth so make it popular worldwide and it’s hard for newbie blogger because how long he will share the post on social media and get social traffic, because Google loves the blog which is getting organic traffic so, so if you are worried about How to Drive Traffic to Your Website   quickly using SEO techniques. 

So if you have done on-page search engine optimization (SEO) follow these techniques to rank your blog post in top google search even in another search engine like bing,

So here I am going to share your own experience that will really help your organic traffic instantly.

1. Article Quality and Quantity

If you are writing quality content then don’t worry about traffic because quality content will always give you traffic even organic and social, but sure once day you will start organic traffic, so always try to write quality and unique content for your blog post.
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Article quantity means the length of the blog post, it should not be lower than 800 characters, However, you are writing a complete article, try to write more then 800 if you, not enough content, then represent list with like 1, 2, 3.

2. Write More Related Article

In past google panda update it was possible to write a single article and rank based on comma separated keyword, but for now it becomes more difficult if you want to rank your article in search engine, then you have to write more and more related article then your article may be rank in top of result, so always make 4 -5 related article based on target keyword.

3. Post to Post internal Linking

in Aboobe headline I was talking about the related article, nowhere I will share you exactly why it important to page rank because post to post internal blinking make your present and future post stronger.

Lets take an example: suppose a use comes on your page and start reading about One-page SEO but they don’t know about backlinks, and internal linking so in this case, you may use olde post link inside article for that they may move by clicking on another relevant post, user is now satisfied and you are maintaining your bounce rate and your page rank will be high.
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4. Start Blog Commenting on Related Blog

This is really important for newbie blogger because you are newer on the market and no one knows about your blog, and you want to increase page rank and then it tough to rank in top of google search even you have done great on-page optimization, because if you are along with off-page optimization now you have to make start blog commenting on another relevant article that will help to create more backlinks.
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If your blog post backlink will be high then page rank will be high because you can not be on top with only on-page optimization, so always start blog commenting.

Follow These steps to blog commenting : suppose your target keyword is “Increase organic traffic” then just enter the keyword in google search, you will get list top blog in google search list, and open one by one and submit your article blog link in comments, because most of the blog have commenting box, this is the best way to create more backlinks for your blog post.

5. Start Directory Submission

This is the best way to rank your blog post quickly in top google search, because there are list of directory submission they allow dofollow backlinks that are great way to rank blog post quickly, in directory submission hardly takes 2 minutes to submit blog post, so you choose 10 out of those and just after publishing your article submitted blog post URL in niche directory list.

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Note: Directory submission its come in off-page search engine optimization and on-page SEO is different.

6. Become a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is great and trending techniques, that will help your blog high PR, because you can contact high authorized blogger and they will ask you to provide topics, you will provide them if they are approved, then you can write an article for them and put your blog link to there, then you will hight PR from authorized domain.

7. Discussion Forum

Start discussion with the audience they ad be in touch with blogger views and review also, just join popular forum, also there are available list of forum that proved dofollow backlinks, just choose and give the users feedback and questions’s answer, you may put your article link in and, of the audience love it then directly will redirect on your blog.

you will get the referral traffic even, from high PR and you will get success to create more backlinks in a shorter time.

8. Social Media Commenting

as we know the importance of the social media market and even we are talking about, YouTube, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked etc. 

In trending I am talking about YouTube, people are moving toward Youtube fastly so you have to connect with YouTube market so, just find the relevant article video on YouTube and enter your blog post link there, so we know the YouTube authority, so you will get high-value backlinks.

Same as on another social media facebook, twitter, Quora just find a relevant group and find a relevant or related article with your blog post and put your post link in the comment box. These are the way of creating more backlinks in a short time.


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