How to Download Facebook Video Without Any Software

How to Download Facebook Video Without Any Software

By: SolutionsHint    38 views Updated: 03rd Jan, 2018

Every one know about Facebook popularity , so most of the people are choosing Facebook is best platform to advertise their business promotion through, article, video and so on. So every one can see the video like YouTube but they can’t download without any external software. That is tricky for Facebook users “How to Download Facebook video without any software.

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So here i will show you how to download Facebook video without use any external software , now you can download any Facebook video in minutes. So now you can enjoy with video without being connected. Just download on local computer or mobile and watch and enjoy.

How to Download Facebook Video

Follow these steps to download Facebook video in minutes.

  1. First, Choose which video you want to download.
  2. Click on video and start watch on computer.
  3. After starting video mention on Facebook URL , like
  4. Now just remove “www” from the URL and again enter into your browser.
  5. Note: Best to enter into new browser tab.
  6. add m Implcae of www in same URL to those video which you want to download.
  7. Like:
  8. Again click on start button to watch video.
  9. Now right click on your mouse and save as for your computer.

Video Tutorial Coming Soon ..

Any thing else, Please drop you comment to more explanation.


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