How To Display WordPress Related Posts without Plugin

How To Display WordPress Related Posts without Plugin

WordPress Related Post help to the visitor to navigate for other blog post and also improve the Bounce and exit rate of website & a blog which helps in Search engine optimization also helps the reader to learn more with the same blog. so if you are developing a custom theme and want to display WordPress related posts without the plugin, because in the market there are billion of the plugin available which help you to show WordPress related posts with one-click installation. but I recommend don’t use too much plugin for WordPress site.

The Reason Why Should Not Use Too Much Plugin For WordPress And Other CMS?

  • Its increase the page loading time of website and blog
  • Use outdated plugin will increase the chance of hacking, your site may be a hack
  • The plugin will give unwanted code, who are unused only take the space of the website
  • Sometimes outdated plugin conflict with another plugin and website stop working
  • There are many reasons to avoid plugin for WordPress site

How To Display WordPress Related Posts without Plugin?

if you want to display related articles WordPress code which can display the WordPress related posts without plugin then follow these guidelines. I am going to display WordPress Related posts end of the article above the comment box, who gives great user experience for our blog. You can check my own blog I created my own custom theme and displayed WordPress related posts end of the article with a small line of code.

Step 1: Open the single.php file of the current activated theme and put these code end of the article.

Step 2: I am displaying WordPress related posts with tag, but we can display WordPress related posts by category

Note: Next article I will give you the best-related posts plugin for WordPress site.


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