How To Display Graph Using PHP – Beginner’s Guide

How To Display Graph Using PHP

Hello everyone in this post I will explain How to display graph using PHP because a beginner always thinks that to display graph in PHP is quite difficult, but its very simple, there are a lot of third-party services who offer to display the graph for the application, but in this post I will use CanaJs to explain.

So whenever you want to create graph char using PHP and MySQL then always follow these step and create a beautiful line chart, bar chart, and many more chart in simple steps.

Complete Code To How To Display Graph Using PHP

Step 1: Just put these code in a php file and run, this is a static graph, if you are aware with codding then display it dynamically using PHP and MySQL.

If you want to change font size, color, bar color, and other thing refer for more information.

And anything else please drop me a comment.


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