How to Display Custom Field in WordPress admin columns

How to Display Custom Field in WordPress admin columns

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In this tutorial i am going to explain ” How to Display Custom Field in WordPress admin columns ” , i have already discuss how to create  Create Custom Field  in previous article . When we create custom filed we always think about  how it’s will be display Custom Field in WordPress admin columns .

so no need to worry about that just try to use WordPress admin columns  plugin to display any custom post meta or custom filed data into WordPress without any codding requirement .

There are two ways to display custom field data in the WordPress post list view .

1 ) First and popular are to display custom filed ( post meta ) with WordPress codding and development .

2 ) You can use plugin to display custom filed data inside the admin area .

How to Display Custom Field in WordPress admin columns

  • Download and install  plugin Admin Column ” WordPress plugin from
  • After activation plugin will now available to use
  • Click on Setting > Admin Column
  • Click on Add Column button
  • After click on add column button another widow will be populated .
  • Click on Type area and select   Custom Field 
  • Select field from drop down list and select which custom filed want to display in WordPress admin column.

Plugins information WordPress Admin Column

Plugin Name : Admin Column

Type : Free

DownloadDownload Admin Column Plugin

Graphical View Representation Step By Step

1 ) Screenshot

wordpress custom columns

2 ) Screenshot

wordpress admin columns

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