How to Disable Pingbacks comment in WordPress

How to Disable Pingbacks comment in WordPress

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in this article i will guide you ” How to Disable Pingbacks comment in WordPress ”  Linking to your own posts with another post is known as interlinking is great for SEO. However with by default in WordPress pingbacks are enabled on your blog, pingbacks annoying because WordPress automatically creates new pingback for that post. These pingback appear in the comments section of your posts of admin as a actual comment . While some user’s like this feature, many users don’t find it useful for posts. In this article, we will guide you how to disable self pingbacks in WordPress.

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Why need to Disable Pingbacks  comment in Blog 

Some time it’s really annoy because when are started blog and day we are very exited with comment and like to the audience , then we always check comment system in the admin area . 

so we got happy but these are Pingbacks  which are automatically generated by WordPress.  so bellow steps will help you how to disabled pingback comment for our blog .

Disable Pingbacks Without Plugin

Step by step explanation of disable pingbacks comment in post

  • Enter into WordPress admin Account ( ) .
  • Click on Settings > Discussion
  • By default  are will be check
  • Unchecked   are will be check
  • Save Changes

Disable Pingbacks comment setting explanation with Screenshot

Screenshot 1 :

Default WordPress setting are checked 

Disable Pingbacks comment

Screenshot 2 : 

After setting are unchecked

Disable Pingbacks

Congratulation you have successfully disable pingbacks post comment in your blog !!

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