How to Delete Your All Twitter Account Tweet on Single Click With Socialoomph Tool

How to Delete Your All Twitter Account Tweet on Single Click With Socialoomph Tool

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Hello, every one in this tutorial i will explain about one most used social media network “Twitter” and will also guide one of the great feature “How to Delete Your All Twitter tweet on Single Click“, when we create twitter account for our personal use or business promotion,  in beginning we are not managing carefully about what we tweet and what i have to tweet for in case of business promotion, so  our twitter account  having lot of junk tweet and it’s really annoying to delete  tweet one by one and it’s really time taking,  so here i will guide to delete your all Twitter tweet on single click using socialoomph  “third party web software”.

How to Delete Your All Twitter tweet on Single Click

Follow these steps to delete all twitter tweet on single click.

  1. Sign up in socialoomph account, First you need to register your account with socialoomph.
  2. After successful account registration verify socialoomph with your register account.
  3. Now sign in to socialoomph account.
  4. After successful login into account click on Manage > Connect social Account.
  5. Now need to  Authorize Twitter Access with socialoomph account.
  6. After successful Authorization  click on Posting > Purge tweet on Twitter.
  7. Done.

Screenshot Tutorail

Step 1: Sign Up into Socialoomph Tool first.

Socialoomph Sign up

Step 2: Click on Network > Connect Social Account.

Authorize Twitter Access

Step 3: Authorize Your Twitter account with Socialoomph.

Authorize Twitter Account

Step 4: Click on Posting >Purge Tweet On twitter.

Purge Twitter Tweet

Step 5: Done.

Hope this help in case you want else be Happy !

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