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How to Create YouTube Channel in Simple Steps

How to Create YouTube Channel in Simple Steps

By: SolutionsHint    46 views Updated: 27th Jan, 2018

In this tutorial, i am going to explain  How to Create YouTube Channel in Simple Steps. Because now day by day YouTube is getting popular and everyone wants to share there thought and knowledge with YouTube. So I have made some easy step to create YouTube channel with some steps.

Why YouTube Channel?

YouTube channel plays a very important role to upload video in your channel if you don’t have your channel name so you cant upload the video on YouTube, so it’s really important to create the YouTube channel first after that start upload video on this.

Step By Step Procedure –

1 ) first enter you will get the YouTube window.

2 ) click on sign in button on top of Right Sidebar.

3 ) After clicking on login button, you will need to login or Register, if you have Gmail account then easy login with your Gmail account

4 ) after successful login click on studio and then click on create studio as you want.

Screenshot 1: 

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

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