How To Create Your First WordPress Blog with Bluehost Web Hosting

How To Create Your First WordPress Blog with Bluehost Web Hosting

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How To Create Your First WordPress Blog with Bluehost Web Hosting

Nowadays there is many popular web hosting service provider are available in the market, they provide reliable and secure web hosting service to the customer, I know one of them are BluehostGoDaddySiteground etc. But I found Bluehost & Siteground is best in all these hosting because of  “WordPress one-click installation“.

I have already used Bluehost Web hosting for many our client and currently they are using and are satisfied with Bluehost customer service and also Web hosting speed.

so I will recommend Bluehost for WordPress blogger.

Instant Installation of WordPress on Bluehost web hosting

The self-Hosted WordPress hosting is a quick way to start blogging for the non-WordPress developer and start making money online. So everyone has a question “Why Bluehost web hosting”?.

The actual reason for Bluehost web hosting is that Bluehost provides an amazing cPanel control over their and also include Fantastico. Fantastico is one of the quick and easy ways to install WordPress.

So if you are aware of Web hosting so you can manually install WordPress on the hosting site. if you are really getting confused about Bluehost so I will really recommend Bluehost for quick install and start blogging and make money online.

Follow these steps to Install WordPress.

Step 1: First login into your Bluehost hosting account.

Step 2: Click on “hosting” on inside cPanel.

Step 3: Scroll down to find website area and click on “Install WordPress“.

Step 4: Now click on “Install“ button to proceed installation.

Step 5: Now select the domain name, on which you want to install WordPress.

Note: Here you have to decide on your domain with www or non-www. I will always recommend to everyone from beginning follow the search engine optimization rule and use ‘ https://www.domainname.com’ for better-optimized site.

Step 5:  Find your domain name and click on “next”.

Step 6: Click on “Show Advanced Options” and enter Your site name, Username, Password for your blog.

Note: Please never use “admin” as a username for your blog, because this is the first step securing your website through username, randomly user any other according to you (i.e [email protected]_hack).

Step 7: Check on “Automatically create a new database for this installation”.

Step 8: Installation Complete and email will be sent to your register email address for username, password from Bluehost.

Screenshot Tutorial

Step 1: Click on hosting inside cPanel.

Bluehost cPanel

Step 2: Click on “install WordPress” from Website category.

Install WordPress Website on Bluehost

Step 3: Click on “install”.

Install WordPress on Bluehost Shared hosting

Step 4: Select domain from the list.

Step 5: Install complete for WordPress on Bluehost.bluehost WordPress installation complete

Step 6: Done

 So don’t think more Start your WordPress blog with – Bluehost

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