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How to Create WordPress Custom meta box – Custom Field

How to Create WordPress Custom meta box – Custom Field

By: SolutionsHint    46 views Updated: 17th Jan, 2018
Create WordPress custom meta box

in the tutorial, i will explain to you How to ” How to Create WordPress Custom meta box ” with WordPress coding standard,

whenever we come at meta boxes functionality in WordPress post and custom post type. This becomes very complex with WordPress coding standard. Even  ” meta box plugin ” has been developed. I will tell you in on a little secret though: it’s not that complicated.

What is WordPress custom meta box?

A post meta box is a custom filed shown in the post of WordPress. Its function is to allow the user to add an extra field to the post, select or enter information in addition to the main post content and custom post. This information should be related to the post.
Generally, there are two types of data is entered into meta boxes of WordPress
1. Metadata (i.e. custom fields).
2. Taxonomy terms.

How to add a meta box to WordPress post?

If you are a little bit familiar with WordPress codding development then its really easy to add meta box in post and custom posts, there are some plugin are available in the market for adding custom meta box in WordPress post. but I will guide you without using any contributed plugin to create custom meta box in WordPress post.

Read: Create custom meta box using a plugin.

Step 1: Go to theme functions.php and add following line end of the file with commented information, commented info will help you in future to find easily.

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