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How To Create Custom Plugin in WordPress: Beginner’s Guide

How To Create Custom Plugin in WordPress: Beginner’s Guide

By: SolutionsHint    54 views Updated: 16th Jan, 2018
How To Create Custom Plugin in WordPress

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I will explain How To Create Custom Plugin in WordPress. Because sometimes we have to create a custom plugin and may need to customize contributed plugin of WordPress so we should be aware with WordPress plugin development, so if you have some little bit knowledge of WordPress coding then you may develop easily and can customize WordPress contributed plugin according to you.

Follow These steps to Create Custom Plugin in WordPress

  • First, you should be aware of the WordPress plugins directory path.
  • Every custom and contributed plugin will be placed inside in plugin directory /wp-content/plugins/plugins-list.
  • You may go like solutionshint/wp-content/plugin/.
  • Notes: My project directory name is solutionshint you can find your directory name as per your project.
  • Now create a file anything.php and you may also create a folder to specify the custom plugin name.
  • whenever you create plugin file and filename are larger, so separate with a hyphen(-) for better WordPress structure.

Now just go to WordPress dashboard and find the plugin ‘Hello Word’ and activate them.

How To Display Output Using Shortcode?

as you can see, I have created shortcode ‘show’ for my custom WordPress plugin, so whenever we need to disppaly output we just use this shortcode to display output in the wordpress page and post.

always call shortcode like [show].

  1. For testing, purpose go to Posts >Add New.
  2. use a shortcode inside editor [show]  and see the preview and you may publish too.
  3. Done

Hope this is enough for learning, anything else please drop a comment.

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