How to Create Custom Filed in WordPress Post ( Beginner Guide )

30 November, 2017 Hozaifa Sheikh 94 Views

Whenever we talk about about custom filed in the WordPress , we think how to create Custom Field and why need to create custom filed in the WordPress , So its really it’s simpler than you think .

If you have familiar with WordPress codding and development then it’s really easy to create Custom Filed for your post and custom post . But if are non – technical  and want to create custom filed using custom built plugin , then using that plugin you will able to  “create custom filed in your in post and custom post of WordPress ” .

Why Need to Create Custom Filed in WordPress ?

Following are reason to create custom field in your post and custom filed of WordPress 

  • WordPress supports Title , Description ,  and Featured image .
  • If you want some extra filed in post then required custom filed .
  • if you want country filed in all post , then required  one more text filed.
  • The Extra filed for your post is said custom field.

How to Create Custom Field in WordPress Post and Custom Post ?

If you are beginner and you have knowledge about WordPress plugin development and code theme development so it’s really easy to create Custom Filed for your post .

Perform following action to create custom filed in WordPress without any codding and development Knowledge in  simple and easy steps

  • Download and install plugin Advanced Custom Fields  from .
  • Activate the plugin to proceed custom field .
  • Click on  ->Custom Fields  from WordPress Admin menu list after activation .
  • Click on Custom Field -> Add New  button .
  • Create filed Group ( it’s as per your identification ) .
  • Click post type for which you want to create custom filed ( i have selected post because i am creating custom field for our post .
  • Click on Publish button to create custom filed for your post .

Explanation with Graphical Representation

Screenshot 1 )

add custom field wordpress

Click on Filed Group to Create Custom Filed

Screenshot 2 )

how to add custom field in wordpress

Screenshot 3 )

add new custom field wordpress

Plugin Information & Download Path

Name : Advanced Custom Fields

Type  : Free

Download Link : Download Advanced Custom Fields

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