How to Create Custom Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

How to Create Custom Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

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Custom Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

The contact form is the best way to send or receive the user query on a single, and easy way to get customer query, so if you will talk about custom built plugin in WordPress, there are several customs built plugin are available in free open source and you can download and install in WordPress and can use.

But they have extra files and code which are beneficial but for us, it was extra code and may reduce the performance of our website then why should you go for the custom built plugin in WordPress. if you are familiar with WordPress coding then it’s really easy way to create custom contact form plugin to write a little bit of code.

How to Create Custom Contact Form Plugin

Follow these steps to create a custom plugin in WordPress:

Short Function Explanation 

get_options : use to get blog information

wp_mail:  used to send the mail, in PHP we use mail() function to send the mail.

How to Display Contact form using the shortcode

If you can see we have created “custom_contact_form” and call and display contact form in our application if you want to display on your page. Just add new pages and put shortcode as [custom_contact_form]  and publish the page.

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