How to Create Child Theme in WordPress: Beginner’s Guide

How to Create Child Theme in WordPress

We are here to learn How to Create Child Theme in WordPress, A child theme is derived from Parrent theme of WordPress which inherits all the functionality, features, style and other parts of the parent theme. A child theme is the best and safe way of update/modifying a WordPress theme without touching parent. to understand the How child theme worked and how to create a child theme from the parent theme.

What is a Parent Theme?

A parent theme is a complete WordPress theme which consists of all files excluding child themes is know as a parent theme.

What is child theme and Why use a child theme?

a child theme is inherited from parent theme which looks exactly the same as parent theme which helps to override the changes of parent theme without any effect on parent theme. using child theme let you allow any upgrade of parent theme without any loss of any customization which takes place into a child theme.

Child theme May Use for The Following Reasons

  • Allow customization through child theme files
  • It helps to update the parent theme without loss of any changes into a child theme
  • Safe and best way to customization any part of a theme
  • The best way to know how to develop a custom theme into WordPress

Complete Guide How to Create Child Theme in WordPress

Follow these steps to create a child theme from a parent theme.

Step 1: First create a new folder into WordPress themes directory wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen-child

Note: I am making a child theme for twentyfifteen, you can do for themes accordingly, the best practice is to add a hyphen(-and child) into existing theme name.

Step 2: Create style.css into a child theme directory and import the parent style sheet by import function

Step 3: Now go to your WordPress admin panel and activate the child theme

Step 4: congratulation you have successfully created a child theme from twentyfifteen.

 Complete YouTube Guide


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