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How to Count Post Views in WordPress Without Plugin

3 January, 2020 Hozaifa Sheikh 3719 Views
How to Count Post Views in WordPress Without Plugin

If you are a blogger and you looking for post view tracing on WordPress post, then definitely I will explain here “How to Count Post Views in WordPress Without Plugin” because there are many plugins are available in the market who only requires the one-click installation and display post view count on WordPress post. but we always avoid too many plugins for WordPress, because it’s lower the performance of the website. so I would suggest you use these simple line of code and display into WordPress post without a plugin.

How to Count Post Views in WordPress Without Plugin

Step 1: Just go to your active WordPress theme and open functions.php

Step 2: Bellows are code and place the bottom of the file

Step 3: Save the file, don’t forget to save the fils code

How to Display Post  Views Count in WordPress Without Plugin

Now time to come where we want to display Post Views Count in WordPress without a plugin, we have already declared the function getPostViews and setPostViews function in functions.php and just call into WordPress single.php t0 display post views count.

Note: We can display anywhere in WordPress, but most of the blogger and audience come to the blog post to read the article, so we are displaying it into a blog post of WordPress.

Put these codes into a single.php file of WordPress theme and display post views count.

Happy Blogging!!!

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