How to Connect With Database MySQLi in PHP

How to Connect With Database MySQLi in PHP

By: SolutionsHint    56 views Updated: 29th Jun, 2018
Connect With Database MySQLi in PHP

In this post, I am going to explain “How to Connect With Database MySQLi in PHP” because MySQL is an old version of the database and deprecated with MySQLi, so before getting into trouble, we need to update our database version to secure our web application. so people are really worried about connectivity, so for I am here to explain that you may connect with MySQLi with this code.

Why Need to Connect With Database MySQLi?

It’s the big question for beginner’s codder that why the need to MySQL, why not MySQL. So here I am going to remove the confusion of MySQLi. Mysqli is the latest version of MySQL and maybe we will not able to get MySQL services in the future, so our web application may stop working and maybe face the problem of functionality. In this case, we have to be updated with the current database server. o 

How to Connect With MySQLi Database in PHP?

Follow these steps to connect with the database through MySQLi.

The difference between MySQL and MySQLi is that MySQLi is using object and non-objected connection so for this is more secure than MySQL. in MySQL, we were unable to use object-oriented database connection.

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