Verify Your Website with Google Webmaster ( Webmaster Configuration )

Verify Your Website with Google Webmaster ( Webmaster Configuration )

By: SolutionsHint    49 views Updated: 23rd Oct, 2018

What is Google Web Master Tool?

In this tutorial I am going to explain how to configure your website with Google Webmaster, out of many tool Google Webmaster is a great tool for crawling and verifying your website with Google.

Google see your website such as the internal and external link of your website into the google webmaster tool.

How to Submit Your website to Google Webmaster?

1. Just enter the Webmasters in Google

2. Login using your Gmail account detail.

3. No need to create another or Separate account for your Webmaster.

4. Insert your website URL in the Text field and click on add property


How to Configure Your Website With Google Webmaster

5. Now click on an alternate method to verify your website with google webmaster

6.  Click on alternate method tab

7. Now click on download link to download the HTML files.

8. After the download HTML file go to your website

9. if you are using  an upload HTML file in the root folder of your website public_html

10. Now click on “Verify Button” to verify your website with Google Webmaster.

If you have any query related Webmaster, You can drop a Comment on comment system.

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