How To configure Contact Form 7 in WordPress: The Beginner’s Guide

How To configure Contact Form 7 in WordPress: The Beginner’s Guide

By: SolutionsHint    72 views Updated: 22nd Jan, 2018
How To configure Contact Form 7 in WordPress

In this tutorial I am going to explain How to create contact us form using built plugin in WordPress, if you will think to develop the contact form then you have to spend lot of effort along with time and headache , so why not we will choose to used built plugin to configure contact us  form in WordPress .

Which is plugin is Best of Contact Us Page?

Contact Form 7 is the best plugin for contact form plugin for WordPress, I always use where I have to implement contact us page on our WordPress website, its real error and bugless plugin and user-friendly, so I will be recommended to everyone to chose these plugin while developing the contact page on WordPress site.

Featured of Contact Us Plugin

  1.  Simple and easy to use
  2. Easy to available in market
  3. Bug and Errorless plugin
  4. Support Newsletter subscription option for WordPress site
  5. Validation support
  6. Can create dynamic field from WordPress Panel

How to Download and Configure Contact Form 7 Plugin

Download Contact Form 7 Free

Procedure to Configure Contact Form 7 –

  • Click on contact menu of left sidebar of
  • Click on Add New Button to create a contact form
  • Create the name of your contact form ( e.g . Contact Us )
  • Click on Save button to create Contact form 7
  • Now go Pages and Create new page as you want, I created the Name with contact Us
  • Paste the shortcode into body part and publish
  • Now your contact us page is ready to use
  • After complete every steps just click on the contact form and then click on Mail tab put your mail id where you want all information from the users.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

Screenshot 5:

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