How to check your website Page are mobile friendly

How to check your website Page are mobile friendly

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in this tutorial i will explain how to check our website page is mobile users friendly or not using online Google tool in freely within some steps ,

Mobile user friendly means is nothing its just you page will show proper if you will access page content from your mobile , so always make sure your page is user friendly or not , in other language we say responsive website .

What is need Of Mobile Users Friendly ?

suppose you site some time break and unable to see the proper content on mobile so its create the problem for user, so user will get disturb due to insufficient information .

so Google does not want that user should not feel bad if they they have open webpage on Web as well as on mobile,in both cases they should get all information .

so google already have given the notices to all website blogger and every one that if you create that website for user use like news website , always should be in mobile users friendly .

How to check  Mobile users Friendly ?

Google Have online free website tool that will help to check you website or page is user friendly or not

Step 1 )   Just Enter in you web browser  you will recive another windows , in the text field just enter you domain name or can also enter the page url and enter Run Test .

Example :

wait for some moment after checking every thing that google will tell you that your website page is mobile users friendly or not .


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