How To Change WordPress Admin Url Using plugin (wp-admin)

How To Change WordPress Admin Url Using plugin (wp-admin)

By: SolutionsHint    36 views Updated: 03rd Dec, 2017

In this tutorial i am going explain how to change word press admin url using plugin .  Because “wp-admin” is common and every one aware from this and its help to hack our site and blog easily , so for making more secure our website and blog we should change the admin url from wp-admin to user define url  and you can secure using WordPress Secure Tutorial.

How To Change WordPress Admin Url Using plugin (wp-admin)

Bellow are the step by step explanation that will help you change wp-admin url using plugin

Plugin Name : Protect Your Admin

DownloadProtect Your Admin

Type : Free

Steps :

1 ) Just download and install Protect Your Admin plugin from

2 ) Put into wp-content/plugins/ ( Don’t forgot to extract the zip files) .

3 ) Now plugin will available to active from admin panel just click on activate to proceed next .

4 ) After that click on setting and click on Protect Wp-admin sub menu of setting .

5 ) Just enter your user defined name as you want , i just enter admin .

6 ) Now you WordPress admin url will be like

Screenshot 1 )

change Wp Login url

Screenshot 2 )

Change WordPress Admin Url

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