How to Customize the WordPress Admin Panel using Plugin

How to Customize the WordPress Admin Panel using Plugin

By: SolutionsHint    40 views Updated: 03rd Dec, 2017

In this tutorial i am going to explain how to change WordPress Admin Template using WordPress plugin without writing single line of code , its really useful to those who have not familiar with WordPress codding and want to change wp-admin Template easily by WordPress plugin .

Which plugin is best to change WordPress template ?

Admin Customizer – its really beast and free to download and use to change WordPress template

Step by Step installation

1 ) First download the admin customizer plugin from  and install and activate .

2 ) after installing click on setting page on left side of admin menu icon and then sub-menu will be expand .

3 ) Click on admin customizer and you will get new window of admin customizer panel , from where you can set

WordPress login logo and background color and all these what you want .

4 ) You will get many tab control button

5 ) i want only change the default logo of wordpress admin so i just clicked on login tab and uplaod the image from desktop computer and save the setting .

6 ) all step are completed i have successfully updated my WordPress admin logo in some step .

Step By Step Installation using Screenshot

Screenshot 1 )

Screenshot 2 )

Screenshot 3 )

Screenshot 4 )

Screenshot 5 )

If you have any problem related wordpress admin customizer setting , leave me comment or you can also send me the mail at my mail id [email protected]

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