How to Change Storage Engine in PhpMyAdmin

How to Change Storage Engine in PhpMyAdmin

By: SolutionsHint    68 views Updated: 05th Feb, 2018
How to Change Storage engine in PhpMyAdmin

The storage engine is used to store the data in a different format so web application uses SQL and MySQL another database to store the data into back-end, but here we are talking about phpmyadmin database for PHP web application which is widely used language, so phpmyadmin have different storage engine:

  1. CSV
  2. InnoDB
  3. Mysam
  4. Aria
  5. Sequence
  7. Memory

But maybe different according to the update and modification in phpmyadmin, because any software may get updated and can add some additional functionality to the improve the application compatibility. So whenever you want to change storage engine for phpmyadmin, then you can do as following these steps.

Steps to Change Storage engine

  • Just enter into phpmyadmin and select your database
  • After selection of database select the table which you want to change
  • Click on operations on top bar of the window
  • Now select the drop-down list from the Storage Engine  inside table options
  • Select desired selection and Go
  • You have successfully change the storage engine

Anything else let me know!

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