How to Change and upload Author and Admin Profile Pictures

How to Change and upload Author and Admin Profile Pictures

By: SolutionsHint    33 views Updated: 03rd Dec, 2017

In this tutorial i am going to explain how to change default admin and author or all other role profile picture to user define picture by using WordPress Contributed plugin .

WordPress does not allow us change the profile picture so we will use some plugin to change.

we have uploaded bellow screenshot that will show you there is no option to change the profile pictures

Plugin to set profile picture of WordPress users

There are Many plugin to change or set profile picture of wordpress users bellow are mention used plugin to change the users profile picture in single click .

 1 )   Easy Author Image

Easy author image gives you the flexibility to change or upload the profile picture in single step .

once you upload the profile pictures then your default image will get replaced by new one which you have upload

recently using Easy author image plugin .

  •    First download the the plugin from from following link  Download Easy Author Image
  •    upload and install in your WordPress blog and click on activate
  •    after activated go to your profile and upload the new profile picture as you want

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