How Enable Two-factor Authentication For Your Facebook Account: 2018 Edition

How Enable Two-factor Authentication For Your Facebook Account: 2018 Edition

By: SolutionsHint    38 views Updated: 10th Jan, 2018
How Enable Two-factor Authentication For Your Facebook Account

Here I am guiding you about one of the great Facebook feature Two-factor Authentication for your Facebook account “. Nowadays the whole world is connected through Facebook and other social networking sites, but one of the most common questions is  “can I secure our Facebook more than that ?“. Of course “yes”, Facebook has already launch Two-factor Authentication for Facebook users that will help to make your Facebook account more secure than before.

Any web application has challenges about web security because attacker and hacker always try to hack a social account for miss use. So here I will explain about Facebook  Two-factor Authentication feature for your account.

What is Two-factor Authentication?

This is a really common question for non-technical users that what is Two-factor Authentication for Facebook. but here I will explain in detail about Two-factor Authentication too.

Two-factor Authentication: mean before enabling these feature we always log in to our account by entering, username and password (i.e you can say one-factor authentication).

Now after enabling Two-factor Authentication, we have to log in to our account by one more steps next. that means first we will have to enter username, password then after click on login button Facebook will send the authentication message on phone and check for valid user are trying to access account else unknown user are trying to access, if they match all the cases then you will able to login to your account called as Two-factor Authentication.

How to Enable Two-factor Authentication for Facebook Account?

  1. Login into your Facebook account, click here to go on Facebook.
  2. Enter your Facebook detail and click on login button.
  3. Click on the Facebook settings page, you can directly go to Facebook setting page by click this link
  4. Click on security and login link from the left sidebar.
  5. if you are unable to find the location then directly click on the link after login
  6. Scroll down, you will see the “Setting Up Extra Security” tab.
  7. Click on the edit button of use two-factor authentication tab.
  8. You will see by default Facebook Two-factor authentication is off.
  9. Enable the Two-factor authentication is ON.
  10. Done

Note: Now log out and check you are using Two-factor authentication feature for your Facebook account, now when you will try to login into your account Facebook will send the authentication code on your phone and you have to verify.

Screenshot Tutorial

Step 1: Enter your Facebook username, password.

Facebook Login Page

Step 2: Click on security and login button from the left sidebar.

Facebook Settings Page

Step 3:  Scroll and click on Edit button from two-factor authentication.


Step 4:  Click on Set Up to enable.

Enable Authentication

Step 5:  Done.

 Hope this will help, anything else drop your comment.


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