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How and When to Do WordPress Update

How and When to Do WordPress Update: Use an updated WordPress is the best way to keep secure WordPress sites, but people always download and install WordPress first time,  and they forgot to upgrade WordPress latest version with time. Some people are remembered to update the latest version of WordPress, but they think that is a huge risk, the application can stop working while updating WordPress.

If you are running an old version of WordPress, then it may get affected with, viruses, bugs, and maybe hack due to using an old version of WordPress, so its best practice is always be updated with the latest version of WordPress because we can easily update WordPress on single clicks.

Why We Should Update WordPress?

Most of the blogger and website owner have a question, what is the requirement of updating WordPress and what’s disadvantages of using the old version for WordPress for our blog and website. Then I will cover this confusion for those people who have doubt in updating WordPress.

Security:  it’s most important for any blogger and website owner to keep secure their web application for malware, attacker, and hacker, because in the world there are millions of people who always try to hack website and software through their skill, so if we will use the latest version WordPress WordPress then your WordPress application would be more secure than before, because every new WordPress release provide more security feature.

Additional Features:  Every new WordPress release offers something different for your WordPress website like, performance, security and we all of know that website performance is very important for quick loading a web page that also effects on Search engine optimization algorithm.

Speed: Speed is very important for every internet users because quick loading website pages are best for user experience also help in search engine ranking.   So by using the latest WordPress version, it improves the speed of WordPress blog.

Compatibility: every day and hour WordPress plugin contributor develop plugin according to latest WordPress release, and in future, if you have required to use latest WordPress plugin, then, in this case, you should use the latest version of WordPress application so that you may face compatibility issue for your WordPress blog.

How to Update WordPress?

Updating a WordPress is an easy task but its important for a WordPress website to make it’s secure, safe, and enhance the performance of WordPress site, so I would recommend the following the way that will help you to keep safe updated your WordPress site without losing anything.

Backup Database, Plugins, Themes, and Customization Files

If new WordPress release has come and you have already plan to update your WordPress site, then always first take a backup of whole WordPress site in case you loss anything, so many web hosting provides the automated backup facility, but in case you are not using these service, then you can use these WordPress free plugin (BackUpWordPressBackWPup, or XCloner) which help to keep backup everything (database, content).

Turn Off Caching Plugin While Updating WordPress Site

Whenever you are going to update WordPress site, the first step should be de-activate all plugins, and current activated theme and if you are using cache plugin (w3 Total Cache, Super Cache, etc) de-activate it and think to update WordPress.

Always Start Update with Plugins & Theme

Always start updating with plugin and theme will be safe and best practice, so always update all outdated plugin and theme for your WordPress site then move to update your WordPress.

WordPress Update: How and When to Do WordPress UpdateOne all plugins and theme updates are done. Now time to come to update your WordPress, because now its easier to update WordPress site. The entire process of updating(Plugins, theme & WordPress) will take a few minutes and your WordPress blog (site) would be more safe and secure before than that.

How and When to Do WordPress Update: FAQs

Question 1: Can we update WordPress without de-activating plugin and theme?

Ans: Yes you can update WordPress without de-activating plugins and themes, but it may risk.

Question 2: is it necessary to keep updated WordPress for a WordPress site?

Ans: No, its depend upon you, if you want to keep your WordPress site safe and secure, then do the update, else no worry.

Question 3: Can we lose our WordPress customization while we update WordPress

Ans: No, never you will not lose anything while you update your WordPress.

Question 4: If connection loss during operation, is WordPress site may corrupt and may stop working?

Ans: No, the only updation will stop, again you can proceed update process when you are getting a network connection.


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