Google Rank Website Based On Loading Time of the Page

Google Rank Website Based On Loading Time of the Page

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A few months back, the Google webmaster team introduce New rules that start ranking of websites based on page loading time. a blog which responds & loads slow down on the entire internet and Google is considering this factor seriously for the Search Engine Results.Apart from other parameters (Rules) like the meta title, meta description, Alt etc ., Google will also consider page load time as one of the biggest factors for your website’s search engine Results ranking.

Now that Google is ranking based on website loading speed, many webmasters started looking at optimizing their blog.Here are a few big things using this you can do to optimize your site load time better than before.

How to Optimize Website Coding time?

1. CSS Sprites

CSS Sprites is new technology to convert multiple images into one single big image. This will minimize the number of concurrent connections of your website will load faster. You can read more about CSS Sprites from here.

2. Website Cache

By using caching in your blog pages, you can improve your website faster.The request will be served directly from an earlier saved page on your web host without hitting database connection, minimize the server load and serving up your site’s pages instantly. If you are using WordPress, you can use the Super Cache WordPress plugin or W3 Total Cache.

3. Compress the Images

Another best way to speed up your site & loading time is by compress the size of your images.You can use many online web tools to compress your images without reducing the quality.(One of the great tools for WordPress blog is

4. Web Hosting

Web hosting also plays a very important role in your website’s loading time.If your server is a slow system, chances are your website will take ages to load.Don’t use underpowered web-hosting and make sure your hosting is fully compatible with all of the technology you are using.

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