Google Introduce Search Console (Beta): Google New Feature

30 January, 2018 Hozaifa Sheikh 207 Views
Google Introduce Search Console (Beta)

Hello everyone, this is amazing news to blogger and SEO master that Google has introduced the new feature of Google webmaster i.e Search Console (beta), the newly launch feature has a lot of new things than google webmaster tool. if you will compare with google webmaster tool you get more user-friendly and everything into a single home like Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average CTR, Average Positions on just on Top of Windows.

Feature of Search Console (beta)

  • More actionable insights – We will now group the identified issues by what we suspect is the common “root-cause” to help you find where you should fix your code. We organize these issues into tasks that have a state (similar to bug tracking systems) so you can easily see whether the issue is still open, whether Google has detected your fix, and track the progress of re-processing the affected pages.
  • Better support of your organizational workflow – As we talked to many organizations, we’ve learned that multiple people are typically involved in implementing, diagnosing, and fixing issues. This is why we are introducing sharing functionality that allows you to pick-up an action item and shares it with other people in your group, like developers who will get references to the code in question.
  • Faster feedback loops between you and Google – We’ve built a mechanism to allow you to iterate quickly on your fixes, and not waste time waiting for Google to recrawl your site, only to tell you later that it’s not fixed yet. Rather, we’ll provide on-the-spot testing of fixes and are automatically speeding up crawling once we see things are ok. Similarly, the testing tools will include code snippets and a search preview – so you can quickly see where your issues are, confirm you’ve fixed them, and see how the pages will look on Search.

Now its easy to monitor our blog with impression and click that may help to more tracking more activity of users.

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