What should be Good Bounce Rate for a Website

What should be Good Bounce Rate for a Website

By: SolutionsHint    24 views Updated: 11th Jan, 2018
Good Bounce Rate for a Website

I am running a blog and want to better search engine optimized content then always keen in mind ” What should be Good Bounce Rate for a Website ” (Bounce Rate). Many bloggers do not know the importance of bounce rate and couldn’t improve their site according to search engine optimize. This is because there are so many another term of Search Engine Optimization to be rank higher in the search engine. So of the most important aspect is bounce rate which we can see in the Google Analytics metrics out there, ‘bounce rate’ is one such metric that will tell you a lot of things to help optimize conversions on your website. By This post, i am trying to explain how you can make use of the bounce rate metric to improve your site performance.

What should be Good Bounce Rate for a Website

Wikipedia defines bounce rate of the website as the percentage of initial visitors to a website who “bounce” exist from the site and go to a different site, rather than visiting on to other pages of the same website (Same site). A bounce occurs when a web site visitor only views a single page on a website, that means, the visitor leaves your website site without visiting any other pages of the same site before a specified session-timeout complete.

Rating For Bounce Rate

Bounce rates vary according to industries. While some industries may have a better bounce rate than others industries, what I have done below is tried to give a guideline for websites as a whole as to what should be an acceptable bounce rate.

Very Good Bounce Rate Good Bounce Rate Average Bounce Rate Bad Bounce Rate
         0% – 25%  26% – 40% 40% – 55%   55% to 80%

Quick Tips To Improve Bounce Rates

  1. Use Popup Chat on your landing page, so that if the visitor is not land on a relevant page that can ask quickly about their query and find a suitable way, its help to improve bounce rate.
  2. Use chat system in you website, In case visitor, come in your webpage due to high keyword rank and webpage have no relevant data for the same user, in that use quick chat system to maintenance bounce rate.
  3. Call to Action: You can use popup form, in a case to improve Bounce rate, ask the user to what I can help you with popup contact form.

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