Go Live Feature on YouTube Available for Everyone : Go Live YouTube

22 January, 2018 Hozaifa Sheikh 142 Views

As we know the popularity of social media sites like YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and others, social media help us to connect with people through wordlwide and share our knowlege and thought to entire world by using social media and can enjoy everything on YouTube and facebook and twitter and other social media feature, and recently Facebook launched Go Live feature for Facebook users that help to live video streaming and publish on one-click without recording and publishing.

But we were unable to Go Live feature for YouTube users, but that is great news for YouTube fan and users that YouTube has already the lunch new feature Go Live. And now you can record live video and publish on one-click same as Facebook.

So here are are some tips on How to use Go Live feature Of YouTube

  1. Just Enter into your youtube account.
  2. Now click on the Create > Go Live tab just left side of 
  3. Now enjoy Go Live

Screenshot Tutorial

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