5 Ways To Get More BackLinks in Short Time

5 Ways To Get More BackLinks in Short Time

By: SolutionsHint    49 views Updated: 10th Jan, 2018
Ways To Get More BackLinks in Short Time

if You are a blogger and you are running your own blog to drive more traffic, so you need to create more backlinks for your articles. So we have some interesting tips to create more backlinks for your blog in shorter time.

1. Add a Link To Post/Page Box in Each Article’s Footer

Most of the people are running the blog, but they don’t the coding (HTML) so they are not aware of this. so follow this step and create more backlinks for your post.

Notes: For non-WordPress Developer

Note: For WordPress Developer

If you are using WordPress Content Management System for your blog then it’s really easy just add following code where you want.

2. Discussion Forums

Google for discussion forums in your niche, Then start registration on popular Forum and start posting links to your site while answering others readers.

Note: Don’t forget to add your signature to Forum.

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3. Profit with Bad Guys

Create RSS Feed for your blog and add at least one link in your feed, by using this you can generate more backlinks from scrapper’s. Every one known this is not a good idea but for someone, it can be useful and you will get traffic.

4. Directory Submission to Article

Publish a post on article directories like EzineArticles and goarticles. It takes some time for the articles to be approved, but once they approved, you’ll  start to see more and more backlinks to your site as many bloggers publish a post from article directories and due to their Term of Service ( TOS ), they have to keep your links in the article.

5. Unique & Quality Content

If you are writing an article for the reader’s and so believe me, write unique and quality content will really help you to boost up more traffic from google search because writing a unique article to be higher in ranking result, Google webmaster is preferred unique article first and rank on top.

” You can build link by commenting on my comment box system “.

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