Be Caution If You are Using Free Cloudfare SSL For GoDaddy Hosting

Be Caution If You are Using Free Cloudfare SSL For GoDaddy Hosting

By: SolutionsHint    34 views Updated: 21st Dec, 2017
Free Cloudfare SSL For GoDaddy

Hello Guys, in this article i would like to share my thought for Cloudfare free Hosting for GoDaddy account .

i was sleeping  sudden i thought to open my web application in mobile device , i can’t expect what  i saw .

I saw my not working showing maintenance mode . So first i thought Oops !! i thing its hacked by some one , but after discussion with my one of friend he told me to ask with GoDaddy account provider , i just call GoDaddy customer care , after wait long time almost 30 minutes,  i was able to talk with them , she ask me what happen sir , i said mam my site sudden stop working and i am facing maintenance mode without do any thing on my side . she said wait for 10 minutes i have to discuss with my technical team for the further process, she came after 15 minutes , sir can you tell me whats changes you did in few minutes , after listen that word i started to calcify , Mam i have already said i have not done any thing in my application , i was sleeping ,  i have not uploaded any files in application , just was sleeping and like other day i thought to open my website in my mobile and see that was not working that all.

After long time almost on 2pm , my problem could not be resolved from GoDaddy end . Again Madam said sir please tell me what you have changes in that time . I really was getting to much confused when see ask same question . i replyed that Mam i am also Software Developer , i know about index files and so on .

Mam please check soon and resolve from your end as soon as possible . Because not working for now . 

How to Fix if Such Problem Occur and What to Do

  1. First Always Note down Domain name server which are provide by GoDaddy hosting , when you planned to change with Cloudfare hosting .
  2. If If you application stop working then just go to Cloudfare account and Disable mode application .
  3. Go to GoDaddy account and click on Manage domain .
  4. Click on Manage DNS.
  5. Click on Change the Nameservers and select defaut from dropdown and save changes .
  6. Again click on Manage domain and enter your old Dns.
  7. What for moment and done.
  8. Change the 301 rediretion which you have done after CloudFare implementaion .
  9. Again change site_rurl and hom , If you are using wordpress to managing your blog .
  10. Done.

Example :

Screenshot Tutorial 

Free Cloudfare SSL For GoDaddy

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