Easy Way to Create Custom field in Custom post or Page

Easy Way to Create Custom field in Custom post or Page

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In this tutorial i will explain how to to add custom field in wordpress post or page , by default WordPress give us flexibility to Page title and body part and Featured Image . Some time we need to Create custom filed according to our project so we need to create custom field .

What is custom Field  ?

custom field is nothing its just user define filed like text field , Drop Down , Radio Button the are field and if you want integrate this field with WordPress Post and page , then called as Custom Field .

How Many Many Way to Create Custom Field In WordPress

1)  There are two ways to create custom field if you have wordpress codder then you can create create custom field using WordPress Hook and Function , you can insert custom field code inside the functions.php or can create separate plugins to create custom field .

2 )  Another way is that wordpress provide us built plugin to create custom Field in WordPress for custom Field .

3 ) Just Download and install very useful plugin Custom Field  plugin from WordPress  and install in your website or WordPress blog .

4 ) just Go to you WordPress Admin panel and activate them , now you are ready to use

Download Custom Field  From Here : Custom Field Plugin

Easy Way to Create Custom field in Custom post or Page

5) Click Field Group button on and create the Group name , its can be any thing i have create the group name custom_post_data_field, you can create any thing what you want .

Just Click on Update button to create Custom filed for post , if you will go to post then you will see the another field

with recently i have create for our custom post .

Same as you can create many custom field for you post and page by using Custom Field plugin easily .

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