Top 10 Ways to Drive traffic from Forum

Top 10 Ways to Drive traffic from Forum

By: SolutionsHint    69 views Updated: 10th Jan, 2018
Top Ways to Drive traffic from Forum

I always give 10 minutes on the forum, from the beginning and getting better traffic day by day and drive traffic from the forum, and also help us connected with different blogger’s & different people thought which help me to boost up write quality and unique content to drive traffic from the forum.

Why am I getting traffic from Forum?

1. I’m Active on Forum

To drive traffic from the forum just you need frequently publish your article and be active for 1 hour each and every day to drive traffic easily, also try to read the thought of the people what they want.

2. I’m Using  Blog Signature

Most of the traffic is coming from referral by clicking on my link, I always submit my post link to the forum , user click and land on my post, it’s increasing in my traffic.

Notes: In other word forum is best for backlinks too and (referral traffic).

3. I Use New Thread

To drive more traffic you need to join new people’s and forum. whenever I start new thread form the people and start getting more comment, so drive more traffic keep in mind for the new thread too.

4. I Use Old Thread

Some time old thread connect 20-30 comment on each thread so whenever you join old discussion the subscribers to this thread notified that there’s a new message to the thread. And the thread will come on to the top of the list of threads.

5. Blog Feed

I have already added profile feed on my blog, just below my username and on all the messages I  publish on the discussion forum there’s have always a link (and the title).

6. Blog Description

I would never prefer to read long messages on blog and comment, so we can say in other word people want the short message and description for every comment and answers. So I always try my best and quality content for the users.

7. Always Think Positive

No matter about the people what they are writing, I always try to write quality and unique content on the forum during commenting and replying to the user’s that are easy to understand for the user.

8. Try To Help Users

I am here as a blogger , so my first presence should be helping of users and also of the people who need help from us as well as from your article, so try to be honest with an audience (Reader’s).

9. Follow The People

When I submit a comment on the forum or start a thread, I subscribed to the thread and read most of the new messages & comments. If I can provide more value to the thread, I always do it.

10. Blogger’s Profile

I use my information on my blog, I always try to tell the people what I am and what I am writing. so if you want connecting with the people and also with more Forums, and also with the profile.

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