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How Does Hosting Affect SEO Ranking [2019 Guide]

6 July, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 951 Views
Does Hosting affect SEO

Online marketplace now becomes a topmost used business so everyone wants to see their website on top search engines results pages (SERPS), so to see your website on top search engines we do SEO, SEO is the way that will help to grow your business from all over the world through search engines. Now we come one the actual topic on which we are going to discuss “Does Hosting affect SEO”  as newbie blogger and website owner are not aware with term “ what is the role of web hosting in SEO ranking” and how they can affect on SEO?

If you are one of them who are really thing web hosting doesn’t affect on SEO ranking “Wrong”, SEO is not only mean On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO these also include page loading time. Because quick loading web pages are loves by the google also for the website visitor, because if the page will load slowly the visitor start to find the other option and leave your website or close browser due to slow page loading.

So here I would explain why we should use Reliable and best web hosting for website or blog.

Server Uptime and Downtime

Everyone is not aware of these terms “what is server uptime and server downtime”? so I explain server uptime means our website is working properly and loading quickly with the loss of connection and facing error related to server. The server error is (501, 503, 504, 505, etc).

Server downtime means our website not working properly user-facing issue like page not loading, slow loading, 503 error so its direct effect on website visitors, also affect on SEO. So I would recommend always to use fast and reliable web hosting for your business.

Recommended Web Hosting By WordPress:

Website Speed (Page Load Time)

Website and page loading has become SEO factor for any search engines ranking, so if you want to see your website on top searches, then along with good content you should have top and reliable web hosting who offer page speed, good bandwidth.

There are may online tool are available in free, by using these tools you can check webpages loading times and why it’s taking more time to load, you can find the best solution and fix it and try to visible on top search engine result pages.

These are Tool Who offer to test website loading time:

There are many other tools are, but these are a top used tool, especially Google Page speed is the product of Google, so you may use on priority.

HTTPS Over  HTTP (SSL Certificate)

I was also confused about is How https affect on SEO ranking but after latest update of Google algorithm, we have also configure https for our blog, because in begin time I knew that HTTPS only used for website security not more than that, but now  after seen google algorithm that HTTPS also affect on search engine ranking pages, so always use SSL certificate for website/blog which keep help you in SEO also in website security.

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