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How Display The Last Update Date in WordPress instead of Published Date

24 January, 2018 Hozaifa Sheikh 266 Views
Display The Last Update Date in WordPress

Hello everyone in this article I will share you very interesting topic “Display The Last Update Date in WordPress” because some time notice all the WordPress free and paid theme show to publish date in WordPress post, so whenever you will update article after a specific time than have you ever noticed that article get updated but on more common issue its still show publish date on your blog post.

So if the visitor comes and reads your article they notice that an article is not updated its publish since month or year ago, ever you have updated your article today.

The same problem to occur with me also, I always update my blog article with time to time according to the google panda update, that frequently updated article or post may increase the chance of Google ranking so, when I saw the problem I just modified the following line of code into our theme and now show updated date in WordPress post.

How to Show Last Update Date in WordPress Post?

  1. Just go to your WordPress theme directory which is currently active
  2. You may go like projectname/wp-content/themes/single.php
  3. Now just add the following line where you want to show updated date for your WordPress post
These are very basic and no one mention on those things but really spoil users experiences, so as we know that small mistakes make it larger.

“Hope This help”

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