Complete Guide To Your WordPress Robots.txt File | Use of Robots File

Complete Guide To Your WordPress Robots.txt File | Use of Robots File

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Complete Guide to your WordPress Robots.txt File

In this tutorial, we will discuss robots.txt files and use of Robots file, I know everyone has a lot of confusion related robots.txt files and it may create an issue if some mismatch in robost.txt. These all are a common question which has every web developer’s mind.

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Following are the (FAQ) Frequently Asked Question.

1. What is a robots.txt file?
2. what is the use of robots.txt file?
3. can we stop indexing of website through robots.txt?
3. is robots.txt help site for indexing and crawling?
5. Where should be the path of the robots.txt file?
6. Why is my blog crawler rate is so slow?

Robots.txt is those file which is common for all platform like WordPress, Joomla, Magento. so we should know what’s Robots.txt file, how to create one for our website or blog, and how to use it for search engine optimization? We have already seen few of the questions here.

What is the use of Robots.txt files?

all webmaster have bots to crawl website content. Crawling and indexing are two important terms of any google search engine, and if you want to get info about it, you can read Google Crawling and indexing. When a search engine bot like (Google bot, Bing bot, Yahoo), and other search engine crawlers), come to our website then they look first for sitemap link submitted in webmaster dashboard, then follow all the links on your blog to crawl and index your site.Now, these two files Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt resides at the root of your domain. As I mentioned, bots follow robots.txt rules for our website, to define the crawling of your website. this is the use of robots.txt file: When a search engine bots come on your blog, they have limited resources to crawl your site. If they can’t crawl all the pages on your Website in given resources, they will stop crawling and be indexing through robots.txt, at the same time, there are many parts of your website, that you don’t want search engine bots to crawl. For example, your Wp-admin folder (WordPress admin area), your admin dashboard or other pages, which are not useful for search engines for crawling and indexing they are only for self-use. So Using robots.txt, you can prevent or stop search engine crawlers (bots).

Where can be a Robots.txt file?

As we know robots.txt files should be the place of the root of our website path and we can check our robots.text file by entering following line in the browser window.

Q. How to check robots.txt file?

Ans.  same as you can for your domain.

“Another way to check robots.txt”

Step 1: Go to Google webmaster

Step 2: Click on Crawl > robot.txt tester

Webmaster Robots File

In next post, I will cover about How to stop Crawling and indexing through robots.txt and so on.

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