How Change WordPress Site URL: WordPress Change URL

How Change WordPress Site URL: WordPress Change URL

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How Change WordPress Site URL

You can easily change the Site URL for your WordPress site any time when you want, but there are a few important settings that must be made in order to make the switch.

Make sure to carefully follow the steps below to ensure it’s done properly.

Reasons To Change The URL

The following are the reason for change site URL on WordPress website.

Moving your website to HTTPS (SSL)

If you have planned to install SSL certificate for your blog. Then you need to change the site address from HTTP to https.

Add or Remove WWW

This is another reason to add or remove www from site name . because when you will think to optimize your website more friendly then you need to change or add www in site address. Because site-name with www is more optimized for SEO purpose.

Good Practice:

Bad Practice:

3. Moving Your Site to a New Domain

The last case where we might need to change site URL. when a WordPress site moves from one host to a different host domain.

Case: Move from to

3 Different way Change WordPress Site URL

Following are the way that you can change the site URL of any WordPress site in some steps.

1. Changing The Site URL

  • Just sign in to WordPress admin dashboard
  • Click on Settings > General
  • Change WordPress Address (URL)  from to
  • Change the Site Address (URL) same as WordPress URL.

2. Using PHPMyAdmin

This is another great way that anyone can change WordPress site URL and home easily.

Step 1: If you are using shared hosting then go to Chanel and go to PHPMyAdmin.

Step 2: a Select database to whom you want to change.

Step 3: Click on the wp_options table (wp is the prefix for the database, your prefix may be different).

Step 4: Change “SiteURL” and “home” from wp_options table.

3. Change Using MySql Query

These are another great way to change WordPress SiteURL and home, but it may be dangerous if anything mismatch while we run MySql query.

Run MySql query: 

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