Broken Link Checker Websites: Get Rid of 404 Links (Site Audit)

Broken Link Checker Websites: Get Rid of 404 Links (Site Audit)

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Broken links are also known for 404 Error which is not good for search engine and also for your user’s experiences. Today, I will explain some Free broken link checker Website Tool which will help you to detect 404 and dead links in the site. Personally.

Why should Audit Broken Link on Regular Basis?

Broken links are those links which return 404 Error on the website. Usually, when a webmaster decides to change permalink structure of the site and may also remove the page from the site, it gives the 404-page error. Such types of link called broken links in technical language and they are not useful for search engine and also for a visitor .The site has Too many broken links are not the good sign of quality site, so we should always make sure to fix such links and redirect them to exist URL.These free online link checker web tools will help to check your sites for any broken links. These means, it could be an internal broken link or could be external broken links.

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List Of Broken Link Checker website Tool

1. Raven Tool

This is really great site audit tool which will have all in one feature, Its help for broken link checker also will tell about website performance, Duplicate Content, ALT tag missing, meta tag missing report too.

2. SemRush Web Tool

This is one of the most popular tools that everyone uses over the world to audit site. SEMRUSH is a complete suite for finding broken links on your site with (Internal + External) also you can find the all other optimization tools here. It shows the broken links with HTTP code & when the broken link was discovered.

3. W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker is provided options while checking broken links of your site such as show only summary, hide redirects, checking linked documents, sending referrer header etc. In results, it provides the status of the link and lists the issues occurred while checking broken links.
We can filter according to our requirement to get the desired result.

4. Broken Link Checker

It Checks both internal and external (outbound) link in our website, and finds which are stale, Return the Reports about bad link’s location in your HTML code, also Validates websites online.

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