What is Difference Between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate – Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate

What is Difference Between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate – Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate

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Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate

One of the most common questions asked by the people what is the difference between Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate in Google Analytics questions. I am here to explain the difference between bounce rate and exit rate.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of the audience who come on a web page and immediately exit without visiting another web page is called as bounce rate. Bounces are always one-page sessions.

High bounce rates are often bad for the SEO and also for your website, but it’s really a matter of your summary. Some users queries may generate high bounce rates in case of they are looking for another information and they come on your webpage.

A high bounce rate on your home page is a sign that something is wrong on your website. But again, make sure you take a close look at the sources and keywords that are driving traffic to your website. You may have a very low bounce rate for some keywords and very high for others keywords.

Exit Rate

Exit rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and exit site from the same page. Exits rate may have visited more than one page in a session. That means visitor have not have landed on the page, but simply found other useful information content through site navigation.

Like bounce rates, high exit rates can create several problems for your website. But the same type of caution needs to be applied. If you have a navigate the article with another article – say four pages – and the exit rate on the last page is high, is that really a bad thing? They’ve reached the end of the article. It should be natural for them to leave at that same point.

Of course, you will try to engage visitor through related articles or through social activity to reduce the exit rate for your website, but that it’s not good practice and you bothering Visitor.

Exit rate should be controlled through related information on your webpage not with any panic technique.


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