Bigg Boss 11 Polls Say’s Bandgi Kalra May Be Evicted This Week ( Latest News )

Bigg Boss 11 Polls Say’s Bandgi Kalra May Be Evicted This Week ( Latest News )

By: SolutionsHint    35 views Updated: 02nd Dec, 2017

Polls says this week ” Bandgi Kalra “ may be avicted from Bigg boss 11 show , because polls report are least vote for Bandgi Kalra so may be evicted from bigg boss this week if report are confirm .

Bandgi Kalra  eviction from big boss

When Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra nominated for eviction from Bigg Boss 11 this week along with Luv Tyagi, the housemates was looking confident about Luv leaving the house. Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta said it loudly and clearly that Luv will be evicted this weekend. But the viewers and supporter of the show don’t agree with Hina and Vikas. For them, it is Bandgi who should walk out of the controversial reality show. Of Big Boss .

As Indian Express news reporter asked its audience about whom they think deserves the least to stay on the Salman Khan hosted show bog boss 11, they came up with Bandgi’s name who got 45% votes followed by Luv’s 35% and Puneesh’s 20% votes. However, it was Bandgi who gave the show more content until now. Luv, on the other hand, has been the ‘bail buddhi’ who only follows Hina’s orders. Puneesh too, to some extent is playing a dirty game inside the house and loses his temper quite early during the luxury budget tasks.

How is  Percentage for Bigg Boss Contestant for evicted

No Name Vote Percentage
1 Bandgi Kalra 45 Percent
2 Luv Tyagi 35 Percent
3 Puneesh Sharma  20 Percent


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