Best SEO Plugin For WordPress [The Beginner’s Guide]

27 April, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 403 Views
Best SEO for WordPress

Best SEO for WordPress: WordPress has become topmost using content management system worldwide, especially whenever you discuss about best content management for blogging,” Its  WordPress”,  WordPress is not fully optimized content management system, but by adding a list of free plugin you can make it fully SEO friendly that will help to write SEO friendly blog post that may increase the chances of search engine ranking pages(SERPs).

If you think WordPress custom URLs are not userfriendly, why they are not offering  (.HTML, HTM) extension which makes difference between Directory & Webpages. Also, Search engines love the URLs which have different URLs other than a directory.

Let’s take an example of Why Search Engine Love the URLs with (.HTML, .HTM) extensions?

 Suppose you have a plane to start a WordPress blog and ready to write a first blog post with WordPress.

You create a category SEO, also write one blog post on SEO.

URLs for Blog Post:

URLs for Category:

Observation: you can see above top 2 URLs are same SEO term in URLs so creating a difference between category and post to add (.HTML, HTM) extension that may help to search engines fully understandable.

Important of Meta Tags for SEO

As we know that important of meta  tags for the SEO  which is (meta title, description, alt tags, URLs)

So default WordPress doesn’t offer the edit & add meta tags for the blog post, pages so by adding these list of tops plugin you can write and publish SEO friendly blog post.

URLs Structure For WordPress

An SEO friendly URLs is a very important term of On-Page SEO also recommended by top most using the search engine “Google”, Always make User-friendly URLs (i.e) human readable. So if you are using WordPress for blogging that offer trilling slash at end of posts, pages, a category so to make it easy for google add a (.HTM, .HTML) extension to blog posts. Google loves the URLs which are different from directory URLs.

Importance of XML Sitemap

Creating an XML sitemap for website/ blog help to the search engines bots that which URLs are to be crawled and index in search. because you are making easy for the webmaster to create an index URL of a website.

You can Generate sitemap by using these plugins:

There is more plugin available out there. But always use few and updated plugins to generate an XML sitemap, because the extra adding plugin may generate the extra code for the website, also never add an outdated plugin for a blog post. That may encounter the error and your site map stop working.

If You don’t want to use extra plugins to generate XML sitemap, then use Yoast SEO plugin which offers to generate XML sitemap in free, without adding a more additional plugin.

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