Best Email Tracking Tool For Gmail [ 100% Free Chrome Extension]

Best Email Tracking Tool For Gmail

Best Email Tracker for Gmail: Email tracing is the process of monitoring of sent email message to recipients. most of the company use paid tool to monitor whether email open, or read by the receiver, Email marketing is beneficial whenever sender wants to know about recipient either receive a mail or read and click a mail. However, due to different tool email tracking can’t consider an accurate count of reading and click email through for Gmail.

So if you want to know the Best Email Tracking Tool For Gmail which would really help you to track email open, and how many times open with a timestamp.

Best Email Tracking Tool For Gmail


MailTracker is one of topmost used extension by Hunter used by 1,000,000+ professionals and companies worldwide, this helps you to track email open or still in pending. Mail track has the following feature.

  • Track emails you send with Gmail account only, its only work with Gmail account not for another account like  (Rediff mail, yahoo mail).
  • Always notify you once email is open by the recipients.
  • You have the option to choose, you want to get notification of email open or read by recipients.
  • Show the stats about How many times email open.
  • Show the email open, read time to their email open.
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Unlimited Email Tracker

Unlimed Email track is also of the Best Email Tracking Tool For Gmail which offers email open, links click and how many time email open & link get clicked. Unlimited email tracker is absolutely free and designed for Email Tracking Tool For Gmail which shows you the which email is opened by the recipient and how many times open with the number of links click count.

Unlimited Email Tracker Features:

  • No signature of the unlimed email tracking
  • Unlimited email tracker, there is no limit that how many emails you can track
  • Track email opens for Gmail only
  • Track links click
  • Switching across your multiple  Gmail account
  • Live push notification when email opened or links clicked by the recipients
  • Embed into Gmail Interface, no need to go anywhere outside Gmail account
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How to Use MailTracker for Gmail?

Step by step guide to using MailTracker google chrome extension to track email open

1. First, install Mailtracker extension from Chrome extensions store

2. Now Sign in your Gmail account, just after entering into your Gmail account you will see the popups Click on Activate Mailtracker button you will be redirected for new window almost done and sign in to start using MailTracker in Gmail.

3. Now sign in with your Gmail account to start email tracking for emails sent by Gmail account.

4. Compose your first email and sent to recipients and get ready to track email open, read.

Best Email Tracker for Gmail: FAQs

Question: what is the limit of email tracking?

Ans: There is no limit, You can track unlimited email open, read, clicks

Question:  is it works with all email account?

Ans: No, its only work with Gmail account

Question: is it free Email Tracking Tool For Gmail?

Ans: Yes, an absolutely free extension for tracking an email for Gmail 

Question: Can we track link clicks of email sent?

Ans: Yes, you can track if link click for email


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