What Are Backlinks in SEO and What Are The Benefit of Backlinks?

5 April, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 174 Views

A Backlinks one of top most used term in search engine optimization (SEO) which help to promote blog post through referral traffic, a blogger who is just started a blog they are struggling with these words, so in post, we will discuss about what are backlinks in SEO and what are the advantages of backlinks?

These are the type of backlinks

Internal Links: internal links are also known as backlinks which internally connect the same blog post with another a blog post which knows for internal linking.

DoFollow Backlinks:  A links are hyperlink is known for backlinks. in backlinks there are 2 types of links.

  • DoFollow Backlinks
  • NoFollow Backlinks

Advantages of Backlinks in SEO

Before we get started with backlinks we tell you that backlinks are the term of Off Page SEO term and which is most important to rank any webpages in top search engines results pages (SERPs) in past year backlinks was only used for getting referral traffic and promoting our business or blog post only. but for now, backlinks become essential to rank webpages in top searches in google or other search engines.

Now start point by point what are the advantages?

1.  Promoting Business

Whenever we start blogging we do not aware “How will gain more traffic in less time” then we take help of sharing blog post on social media facebook, twitter, Quora to gain traffic for blog which increases the blog traffic also help in promoting blog through social media most of the social media are free, we nothing pay and get more. Day by day its helps to generate more backlinks.

2. Search Engines Ranking Factor

As we know that backlinks also help into a rank blog post in search engine results page (SERPs) because the quality backlinks improve domain authority and also increase the chances of organic ranking. So don’t be late and started with backlinks which should be quality not should be spamming.

3. Faster Crawling and Indexing

When a newbie blogger started blogging they are new in the market they start struggling for faster indexing of blog post in any search engines, so in this case backlinks are helpful for any search engine Bots  to find your blog post through backlinks and look for indexing, if you have no backlinks then its though for bots to indexing.

4. Gain Referal Traffic

When any blogger start blogging it was thought time to drive more traffic event organic, referral, any many more because we cant rank in topmost search when it was just started blog, so in starting time we need to drive traffic from social media sharing so this is kind of backlinks which also helps in backlinks and also help in gaining more traffic

Frequently Ask Question for Backlinks

Question: Can we rank blog post on top search engines results pages (SERPs)

Ans: Yes, because it depends on the keyword on which you want to rank if the keyword would be low competitive

Question:  Should I create low-quality backlinks?

Ans: Yes it can be, but try to generate quality backlinks which would help in increasing the domain authority of the blog.

Question: Which is the best way of creating quality backlinks?

Ans: Guest blogging, social bookmarking, social media sharing, Forum many more ways

Feel Free any query in a comment!


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