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How To Display WordPress Related Posts without Plugin

WordPress Related Post help to the visitor to navigate for other blog post and also improve the Bounce and exit rate of website & a blog which helps in Search… Read More »

WordPress Coding 14 January, 2020 Hozaifa Sheikh 2687 Views

How To Find Missing Number In Array PHP

Array is very important topic of any programming language, so if you are programmer, then you should be perfect for logic and array, so if you will notice that PHP… Read More »

PHP 7 January, 2020 Hozaifa Sheikh 3403 Views

How To Modify The Default Excerpt Length in WordPress

One of the biggest reasons to use WordPress for blogging is WordPress offers a simple user interface along with with a lot of inbuilt functions like SEO, and any third… Read More »

WordPress Coding 5 January, 2020 Hozaifa Sheikh 3708 Views

How To Add Read More Link To Excerpt WordPress

Display excerpt content instead of whole content is the best way to improve page loading also improve the user experience & maintain blog page layout, so WordPress offers expert function… Read More »

WordPress Coding 4 January, 2020 Hozaifa Sheikh 3632 Views

How to Count Post Views in WordPress Without Plugin

If you are a blogger and you looking for post view tracing on WordPress post, then definitely I will explain here “How to Count Post Views in WordPress Without Plugin”… Read More »

WordPress Coding 3 January, 2020 Hozaifa Sheikh 3718 Views

How To add Breadcrumbs in WordPress Without Plugin

Hey blogger and codder, if you are creating custom WordPress theme and looking for the code which exactly for breadcrumb and don’t want to use plugin for this, then definitely… Read More »

WordPress Coding 31 December, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 4088 Views

How To Prevent Direct Access To URLs in PHP

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I will share some basic security tips How to Prevent Direct Access to URLs in PHP for PHP web application, if you are using content management system… Read More »

PHP 26 August, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 4479 Views

How To Display Graph Using PHP – Beginner’s Guide

Hello everyone in this post I will explain How to display graph using PHP because a beginner always thinks that to display graph in PHP is quite difficult, but its very… Read More »

PHP 20 August, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 4484 Views

How To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP – Beginner’s Guide

Hello, everyone in this article I will share a basic guide on How To Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP, because we have already learned about How to Insert Data in MySQL… Read More »

PHP 25 July, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 4640 Views

How To Remove PHP Extension From URL Using .htaccess

A user-friendly URL is the best way to improve search engine ranking also preferred by the search engines, so when we develop a website in PHP and with other technology… Read More »

PHP 19 July, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 4430 Views

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